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“What an fabulous course, really well put together. The info and hands on delivered through out the course was every thing I'd hoped for. Delivered with passion, food was outstanding throughout , enjoyed the accommodation and the setting.”

– NS, Artist, UK

“From the setting in Cumbria to witnessing first hand all these techniques; it dimistified so many aspects of steambending for us. We came back fully charged and focused into doing the bends we  wanted to achieve and more, there were a few bending techniques and tips that really made the difference.”

– AP, Drum Maker, Portugal

Thank you very much for your hospitality and excellent tuition. I had a great time, amazing the knowledge you have on steam bending I certainly learnt a lot.

– M F, Designer-Maker and Tutor, UK

“What was particularly impressive was that Charlie could show us all his techniques, and the way he’s developed the really big stuff. Instead of having a limited view of what’s feasible, suddenly there’s a lot more potential.”
– A R, Designer-maker, Scotland

Everyone was friendly and welcoming, the location and accommodation was of course fantastic and I learnt everything and more than I was expecting. More importantly it did give me quite a few ideas to work on too. The hand / reference book was particularly good.

– B M. University Technician, UK

The course was very enjoyable and i feel we covered a lot in a short period of time.  The book was and will be very useful, i just hope i can remember everything that was taught.

– N F, Designer Maker, UK

I thought the way Charlie had organised the different aspects of steam bending was very effective and the note book covering everything is invaluable and clear.  I learnt a lot of things from talking to some of the other course attendees as well as being able to chat with Charlie.

– T R, Maker, UK

The workshop was very spacious and well equipped and the organization in terms of having all the right equipment and materials ready in a clean workshop at the start of the day was excellent. I thought that the course booklet was well presented and succinct. Charlie was a frenetic and energetic teacher. 

– G P, UK

I'm feeling nostalgic about the weekend already! It was an inspiring time for me and I can't thank you enough.

– D T, Designer-Maker, UK

Thanks for these three great days in your workshop.

– R P, Designer Maker, France

Thank you and your team for the tremendous three days which gave me so much more than I had expected.

– J R. Designer-Maker, UK

The course is fantastic. Anyone who comes on this has got to be rejuvenated and recharged...and away they go. The adrenalin rush is amazing, especially when making the chair. There’s plenty of content in there - I can’t believe you got it so right first time

– J S, Windsor Chair-maker, UK

There was loads more practical than I thought there was going be...Charlie’s knowledge of steam-bending through his own trial and error, is absolutely amazing

– S G, Furniture-maker, UK

Everyone on the course has been really friendly. It brings people together who wouldn’t normally meet in this way

– T B, Student, UK

Content – spot-on. If it was any longer my head would probably explode.

– T B, Architect, UK

Very inspiring. The jig-making is a really important part which I feel I’ve gained a lot of knowledge on

– M J, Designer-maker & green woodworker, UK

Really dynamic, a real buzz... it’s given me a lot more clarity about steam-bending – Charlie’s taken it to a whole new level

– M T, Designer-maker, UK

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