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Get familar with the

inner secrets of timber.  


We run a range of progressive woodworking courses for everyone. Please visit the Courses page to find the perfect course for you.

Kit & Materials


Buy exclusive ready-made steam bending equipment designed by Charlie Whinney Studio. Get the ‘Mini Steam-Bending Workshop’ for instant steam-bending in your kitchen or school, or buy compression straps and other jigs use in the workshop.

Maker Sessions

unfired vase group.jpg

Make treasures to keep, eco-friendly and beautifully finished before you go.  Perfect for beginners, we help you every step of the way to create timeless creations.  Join us for 3 hours or 1 day and make the unique Boat-in-a-Day, Chair-in-a-Day, Curlyshade Green, Unfired Vase plus many more, for a truly transformation experience experiencing the best in low-energy eco-friendly design.

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Visit our Gallery to see Steam Bending in action, the best of Steam Bending around the world, as well a selection of Steam Bending videos.

After fifteen years of experimenting, innovation, teaching, and delivering large scale projects in over 20 countries, Charlie Whinney Studio gives everybody the power to steam-bend eco-friendly locally sourced wood.
    Please contact us if you have any questions
+44 (0) 15395 52986
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