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progressive woodworking for everyone

Upcoming Events

The ultimate introduction to steam-bending.  This is the original annual course that has been running in our Lake District studio since 2010.  Every year the content advances with our own professional practice and latest jigs, designs and discoveries.  Bend 10 different species, use 5 types of compression strap, try 2D and 3D bends, twisting, splitting, bend some BIG pieces using winches and explore professional finishing, batch production and design/prototyping  plus a lot more.  Take home a finished product or sculpture you design and make yourself,  experience our famous 'chair in an afternoon' and also make jigs and steam-chambers to take away as desired.  There is a bespoke element to this course focussing on particular areas of the process attendees have asked for, so no two courses are the same.  This is a fun and busy long weekend in the stunning UNESCO World Heritage Lake District National Park, all wood, food and accommodation included in the price. 

Professional Finish and Large Sections

In addition to all the basics, particular areas scheduled for 2021 professional courses include looking closely at achieving a professional finish, (including methods of using steam for raising the grain and pre-finishing specific to steam-bending), post machining and new creative processes using a simple press.  There will also be the option to bend some very large sections up to 150mm thick.

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