progressive woodwork for everyone

We are delighted to offer a range of 'ready-mades', designed by Charlie Whinney Studio and made by Charlie,  community groups and helpers in our workshop.  Versions of all of these items can be created attending our 'Maker Sessions' and most other courses too, but here they will arrive at your door - ready made and individually checked, signed and numbered by us.

Discus Range

Every product in the 'Discus Range' is made from 100% eco-friendly Ash sourced from the woods adjacent to the Lake District studio, and only two basic components -  5mm x 18mm fresh wood and a small wooden disc of seasoned wood with a 5mm groove in.  This concept started out as the 'Unfired Bowl' in Charlie's 2019 book 'Wood & Steam' published by Kyle Books, and has evolved into an almost infinite range of options for domestic and commercial interiors.